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The sonic bomb alarm clock with super shaker sbb500ss. While sears carries plenty of wonderful digital and analog models, youll also find hightech units with unique features. Never sleep past your alarm clock again with this extra loud alarm and powerful bed shaker. You want an alarm clock to reliably wake you up from sleep on time, but that. Sonic alert sonic boom sbr350ss vibrating radio alarm clock.

The sonic boom sbs550bc alarm clock also known as the skull from sonic alert is designed for guys and girls who think outside the box. I highly reccommend investing in the sonic alarm clock. Sonic alert sonic bomb sbb500ss vibrating alarm clock in pink sku. If on some days you dont want to feel like you woke up in a war zone, the sonic bomb is adaptable to your taste. Sonic alert sbb500ss operation instructions pdf download. Sonic bomb has dual power capability to run on the 110volt power supply as well as on 220volt travel adaptor. Vibrating alarm clock accessories sonic alert clock. The sonic boom sbr350ss from sonic alert is a fullfeatured fm radio clock alarm with loud alarm and bed shaker thats ideal for deep sleepers, deaf or hard of hearing users, seniors or students. Alarm clocks remind me of referees theyre necessary, but i frequently get annoyed at them for doing their jobs. In the event of a power interruption, the sonic boom alarm clock can use battery backup to save your time and alarm settings until power is restored. I know this probably sounds like a weak attempt at wit, but im genuinely curious what. A full featured alarm clock, waking up will never be the same with the sonic bomb.

Sonic boom dual alarm clock with bed shaker model sbd375ssv3 operation instructions important please read these instructions carefully before use and retain for future reference. Product title sonic alert alarm clock with phone signaler and vibr. You can turn off the volume on the sonic boom alarm clock and awaken with the adjustable strength bed shaker. If you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale, our customer service representatives are available to help. This sonic boom analog alarm was designed for those who prefer the ease of use of an analog alarm clock. The sonic alert sbb500ss sonic bomb alarm clock with super shaker is sure to rattle your eyes open. Its missing most of the convenience features we looked for, but its blaringly loud buzzer, flashing display and vibrating extension should be annoying enough to wake you up, even if. Geemarc sonic bomb extra loud alarm clock with bed shaker. Find vibrating alarm clock accessories for alarm clocks for deaf, devices for hearing impaired, vibrating bed shakers, vibrating shaker pads, bed shaking vibrators, power adapters for sonic alert sonic boom, vibralarm, wake assure and deaf vibrating alarm clocks for deaf and hard of hearing people. The homeaware is the most complete and reliable home alerting solution on the. Our powerful bed shaker allows others to sleep while you wake to the quiet vibrating bed shaker.

Sonic alert sonic boom alarm clock black sasbb500ss. After buying this alarm clock he gets up on the very first alarm. Sonic alert sbb500ss sonic bomb extraloud dual alarm. This alarm clock has the bed shaker, super loud alarm, and flashing led alert. This alarm clock has all essential features to break a heavy sleep. It features a builtin red flashing alert light and selectable snooze time when you need a little more rest. Tabletop clock online from wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. My husband is deaf and would only wake up half of the time to alarm clocks set on ridiculously high settings. View and download sonic alert sbj525ssv3 operation instructions online. Parents may prefer a glowing digital clock radio on their nightstand featuring bluetooth capability for connecting compatible smartphones and tablets. The sonic bomb alarm clock with the industrys most powerful bed shaker. The sonic alert sonic bomb alarm clock boasts an impressive 1db extra loud alarm, making the two alarm clocks some of the loudest in production today.

And if that doesnt put you on your feet, the pulsating alert lights and super shaker will do the job. Sonic boom alarm clock model sb instruction manual. Sonic alert sonic bomb sbb500ss 01 pdf manual manual. Top seller the new sonic boom alarm clock sb300ss is a straightup alarm clock with large, easy to read 1. Sonic alert amplified alarm clocks, phones, listening. The sonic alert turquoise sonic bomb alarm clock wakes deaf and hearing impaired with loud alarm, strong vibration and bright lights. The product has many variations of alarm setting, so you can choose the most preferable one and never oversleep again. Sonic alert bomb clock bed loud alarm shaker vibrating wake. Sonic boom sbs550bc dual alarm clock with bed vibrator. This extreme wakeup call drops a payload of noise that will leave you undeniably alert and possibly shellshocked. Sonic bomb alarm clock and bed shaker free shipping.

With an easy to set alarm, this home living aid features no am or pm function to be confused by, and easy to see extra large display with cool blue backlight and pulsating alarm. The sonic bomb alarm clock is renowned for waking heavy sleepers. Shop sonic alert sonic boom alarm clock black at best buy. The lamp can be used for both reading and flashing. Never sleep past your alarm again with the sonic bomb alarm clock. It also has a compartment for a 9volt battery to backup in case power is not available. The product has been designed for people of all ages that need a loud wakeup call.

The sonic bomb alarm clock and bed shakers pulsing alert light also provides a good visual aler. Sonic alerts sonic bomb clock has a really loud sound. Sonic alert sonic boom alarm clock wakes up even the deepest sleepers. Weve adapted our unique technology to include a signaler meaning you can set the clock alarm to sound whenever your phone rings. Super loud alarm clock with the industries most powerful bed shaker. The sonic alert sonic bomb sbb500ss is the perfect alarm clock for deep sleepers. Several convenience features make it one of our most popular clocks. The top selling sonic bomb alarm clock and bed shaker is especially popular among young males, but it will keep everyone on time for school, work and appointments. A quality alarm clock can help you start the day with a smile. For heavy sleepers, teenagers, people with hearing loss, seniors, and the deaf sonic bomb jr. The sonic bomb is a 1 db super loud alarm clock much stronger than others that average 80 db. Sonic alert bomb clock bed loud alarm shaker vibrating wake up bedroom home new.

The sonic alert sonic boom alarm clock sb has a builtin outlet for connecting a lamp and an auxiliary jack for a bed shaker sold separately. Ideal for anyone with low vision or hearing impairments, you can use all three options simultaneously or in different combinations. With the sonic bomb you have different settings if you want it to buzz or vibrate with the under bed vibrating device, or both which i. Sonic alert sonic bomb sbb500ss vibrating alarm clock in pink. To use battery backup, you can install a 9v battery not provided in the clock. Extra loud alarm clocks designed to wake up the heaviest sleepers, early risers or individuals with hearing loss. Page 2 against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. When you want to activate the alarm again, move this switch back to the desired position. At hearing direct, you will only find reliable and trusted brands, such as sonic alert, who strive to improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss. Dual alarm clock with snooze this dual alarm clock, the sonic bomb alarm clock with bed shaker, does everything. The sonic alert sonic boom alarm clock features 3 different options for waking up.

Sonic alert frequently asked questions faqs problems with sb and sbv alarm clocks. This dual alarm clock has been proven to wake up even the heaviest sleepers for years. Sonic alert sonic bomb digital alarm clocksasbb500ss. Use the clock s test mode to find the right volume, tone, and duration of the audio alarm to fit your morning routine. Use only the supplied or recomended sonic alert adaptor to connect the. The sonic alert pink sonic bomb alarm clock wakes deaf and hearing impaired with loud alarm, strong vibration and bright lights. Sonic boom alarm clock and telephone signaler with super shaker not only will you confidently wake in the morning, but you will never miss another landline telephone call. Its a life saver when it comes to being a heavy sleeper myself, alarms on my phone didnt really wake me when i needed to. Move the switch on the right side labeled outlets to the off position.

Sonic alert sonic bomb sbb500ss vibrating alarm clock in turquoise sku. But now its over a year old and seems like some days it just doesnt go off. This is a great alarm clock if youre like me and sleep through alarms easily. If youre a deep sleeperor just a reluctant wakerthe sonic bomb alarm clock is the best way to make sure you get up and on your feet in a hurry. Sonic alert sbp100 portable loud vibrating alarm clock. Spend this time at home to refresh your home decor style. Sonic alert sonic boom alarm clock with bed shaker sb300ss. Also bomb alarm clock is one of the top sellers in sonic alert, sonic alert sbb500ss sonic bomb loud dual alarm clock with bed shaker, sonic alert alarm and s in 2020.

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