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Benefits and challenges of workplace diversity management. Aluko, olabisi onabanjo university, nigeria abstract. More importantly, it estimates that from 1998 to 2008 some 41 percent of the people entering the u. Hence, workforce diversity is the biggest challenge and at the same times the biggest opportunity for the 21st century managers. Increase productivity by reducing the hours wasted on dealing with internal disputes. Diversity management in hrm managing diversity in the. It includes positive and negative influences of diversity management and the theoretical. Benefits and disadvantages of diversity in the workplace. Here are a few of the top benefits or diversity in the workplace.

Hiring a diverse staff for your business creates a workforce that possesses a wide range of skills, talents and ideas. The first and the foremost benefit of organizational diversity is individuals get to learn lots of things from each. Thank you all for not only your time, but also for your courage to share, at times very painful, experiences, with me. There are many advantages and disadvantages of managing diversity.

Key benefits of gender diversity gender diversity benefits businesses in several ways. Diversity management is a strategy to promote the perception, acknowledgement and. Business advantages of diversity in the workplace the united states office of employment predicts that 29 percent of the u. For example, in considering workplace diversity from a sociological perspective, we know. Benefits, challenges, and the required managerial tools 2 advantages. With effective management of diversity, the campus develops a reputation as an. An understanding and acceptance of managing diversity concepts. In an organization, diversity may give benefits for productivity and raise conflicts at once. Jun 29, 2017 benefits of diversity to their success its important that employees are representative of their client base so they can understand their needs and know how to serve them. Diversity in the workplace benefits and challenges. Build the evidence base organisations need to engage in data gathering, monitoring and analysing activities in a systematic way to demonstrate the business case for diversity management in their specific circumstances. The importance of diversity in the workplace there are clear signs in the latest leadership, employment and direction l. Stephen butler, cochair of the businesshigher education forum, believes diversity is an invaluable competitive asset robinson 2002. It does not mean that people of one culture, gender, age, etc, only work with those respective populations.

Leaders and managers must create an environment that embraces and celebrates diversity to enjoy the full benefits. Simma lieberman works with people and organizations to create environments where people can do their best work. It is your job to make the most of the diversity present in your company. I feel very honoured that you showed me such confidence. Benefits of diversity in the workplace gender, generation, culture greater consumer market share. Other authors, for example, skarzynski and gibson 2008, are convinced diversity is a blueprint to innovation, while pinto and pinto 2011 agree that diversity in the workforce directly contributes to and affects creativity. Managing diversity is focused on the assumption that diverse segments will create new methods of. Encourage creative thinking by valuing the diversity within. Managing diversity is a significant organizational. Equal opportunity should be apparent in any workplace. The survey results show the situation concerning diversity management in the selected organizations and support the oppinion that diversity management is a current global matter and its concerns. Respecting individual differences will benefit the workplace by creating a. The variety of experiences and perspective which arise from differences in race, culture, religion, mental or. Faculty of health sciences, durban university of technology kev words abstract.

But with benefits necessarily come challenges of working across borders, cultures, and languages. Organizational diversity brings together individuals of varied experiences, educational qualifications, age groups and backgrounds at a common place your organization. Benefits of organizational diversity management study guide. They cannot be named, but without their input this book would not exist. Impact of workplace diversity society of interdisciplinary business. Diversity management in hrm managing diversity in the workplace. This is because it allows a company to bring people from different backgrounds, thus enabling the organization to better understand the different cultures, races or genders that make up the consumer market. Benefits and challenges of diversity the diversity of a universitys faculty, staff, and students influences its strength, productivity, and intellectual personality. Theyre also a prime example of why diversity without inclusion cant exist. There have been debates over diversity management for years heated debates. Diversity management is a process intended to create and maintain a positive work environment where the similarities and differences of individuals. Workplace diversity should be one of the top things businesses today should address.

Simply paying lipservice to being inclusive or broadminded wont cut it. And, the differences of people then make diversity among them. These two benefits are often listed separately but in reality, theyre one and the same. Diversity management is a holistic and sity, wor p ace iversity strategic intervention aimed at maximizing every individuals potential to contribute towards the realization of the organizations goals through capitalizing on individual. What are the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Successful management of diversity in the workplace diversity training alone is not sufficient for your organizations diversity management plan. Diversity management refers to organizational policies and practices aimed at recruiting, retaining, and managing employees of diverse backgrounds and identities, while creating a culture in which. Explain benefits and limitations of workplace diversity.

Diversity management focuses on managing the differences within a companys workforce, capitalizing on the benefits of diversity and minimizing workplace challenges. Some of the diversity management skills required are. Diversity is a phenomenon which is increasingly manifesting itself in the globalized society. Survey results that organisations are slowly awakening to the positive benefits available through a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce can seize a larger consumer market segment.

Some include reverse discrimination, high costs, language and cultural barriers, a better. Jun 01, 2018 its easy to hire for diversity, but if you dont have a culture of inclusion, people will leave, and when they leave, word gets out about why, said cecile alperleroux, vice president of human capital management innovation at human resources software firm ultimate software. Although associates are interdependent in the workplace, respecting individual differences can increase productivity. In reality, it is also important to establish the implications this has had on companies so as to create a very conductive working atmosphere through workplace diversity management. Supervisors and frontline managers could benefit from. Maximizing and capitalizing on workplace diversity has become an important issue for management today. Challenges, benefits, and the role of human resource management in brazilian organizations. Opponents and proponents of the issue sight many reasons for their positions. Additionally, those in the top quartile for gender diversity were 15% more.

Inherent diversity is biological traits such as race, gender, and sexual orientation, while acquired diversity is things you gain from experience like religion, cultural experiences, and situations that make an impact on your thoughtprocess. Workplace diversity despite having numerous benefits does have its flaws. Benefits of diversity in the workplace diversity is beneficial to both associates and employers. Individuals from diverse backgrounds can offer a selection of different talents, skills, and experiences, that may be of benefit to the organization and their work performance.

Finally, senior management needs to drive the change or it will be seen as one more good idea that never worked. Workplace diversity despite having numerous benefits. Diversity of experience, age, physical ability, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, and many other attributes contributes to the richness of the environment for teaching and. Age, sex, ethnicity and nationality, creed or disabilities are among the parameters of diversity. Consequences of ignoring diversity ignoring diversity issues costs time, money, and efficiency.

Supervisors and managers need to recognize the ways in which the workplace is changing and evolving. The impact of workplace diversity on organisations core. Diversity is a commitment to recognizing and appreciating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement. Companies with a diverse workforce are generally more inclusive of different individual characteristics and perspectives.

Best practices in diversity management drew university. Oct 16, 2018 the benefits of disability diversity in the workplace. Diversity management is a process intended to create and maintain a positive work environment where the similarities and differences of individuals are valued. Looking at how leaders, managers and nonmanagerial employees view diversity, it.

Businesses should prioritize hiring diverse employees because of the many great things associated with it. Management being a social discipline deals with the behavior of people and human insight. Diversity management, challenges and opportunities in multicultural organizations patrick a. The term diversity management indicates the implementation of strategies or policies to knit a network of varied individuals together into a dynamic work force. Top 10 benefits of diversity in the workplace infographic. The benefits of workplace diversity greatly outweigh the barriers you may have to cross to get there. Diversity in the workplace can reduce lawsuits and increase marketing opportunities, recruitment, creativity, and busi. From the virgin group to disney and pricewaterhousecoopers, organizations across industries are embracing the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Workplace diversity can provide tremendous benefits in terms of improved morale, outsidethebox thinking, greater teamwork, and an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect. Diversity enhances customer relations and increases market share. Definitions of workforce diversity, diversity and diversity management. Individuals from diverse backgrounds can offer a selection of different talents, skills, and experiences. Primarily, this paper aims to make the concept of diversity management wellknown and useful in the managerial practices.

Barriers and benefits of diversity in the workplace. In short, while managing diversity is also concerned with underrepresentation of women and people of color in the workforce, it is much more inclusive and acknowledges that diversity must work for everyone. Nrcs diversity management strategy is based on a commitment from managers, supervisors, and employees at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Workplace diversity is beneficial for employee retention.

Let us go through the benefits of organizational diversity. Issues and challenges harold andrew patrick 1 and vincent raj kumar2 abstract diversity management is a process intended to create and maintain a positive work environment where the similarities and differences of individuals are valued. Challenges exist in guiding a population that differs in personalities and cultures, but. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace cause all employees to feel accepted and valued. May 24, 2019 benefits of diversity in the workplace gender, generation, culture greater consumer market share. Diversity management leadership is a tool for capturing the diversity dividend. Advantages and disadvantages of diversity management. Diversity of experience, age, physical ability, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, and many other attributes contributes to. Oct 12, 2015 here are a few of the top benefits or diversity in the workplace. The benefits of disability diversity in the workplace. A strategy must be created and implemented to create a culture of diversity that permeates every department and function of.

Advantages of diversity management with an internal effect. The successful management diversity allows organizations to. Perform better financially, particularly when women occupy a significant proportion of top management positions. To study the benefits and challenges of diversity management.

A 2015 mckinsey report on 366 public companies found that those in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity in management were 35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry mean. Our goal is for all employees to support the comprehensive diversity management plan and its objectives. Each and every candidate should be given the opportunity to fulfil the job role regardless of a disability or impediment. Managing diversity is a key component of effective people management in the workplace black enterprise 2001. Within organizations, the management of diversity is a process of creating and maintaining a discrimination free workplace. Pdf managing diversity in south africa harsheen patel.

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