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Also, learn to calculate the complex problems based on selling price, cost price and marked price. If profit percentage and loss percentage are equal, put pl % loss p 2 100. If a is sold at a gain of x % and b is sold at a loss of x %, then shopkeeper always incurs a loss given by. Profit and loss shortcuts tricks pdf onlinemath4all. Profit and loss quantitative aptitude aptitude tricks. Profit and loss shortcut tricks math shortcut tricks. Profit and loss basic concepts, formulas, tricks and examples. One can generate a profit only if selling price cost price. Learn maths profit and loss concepts with formulas and tricks. Candidates those who are preparing for upcoming bank poclerk and all other competitive exams can also download this in pdf.

Here in this page we give few examples on profit and loss shortcut tricks. Online aptitude preparation material with practice question. Top 10 important profit and loss problems short tricks. Get the strategies from our experts to crack maths in ibps rrb exams 2017. If you know how to manage time then you will surely do great in your exam. Profit and loss aptitude test, questions, shortcuts. Difficult questions on profit and loss and its explanation with examples. Profit and loss concepts and tricks part 1 youtube. In this online aptitude lecture, lets solve some aptitude problems on profit and loss which appear in bank po, gate,xat, mat and cat exams. Important profit and loss problems short tricks for ibps poclerk exams. Profit, loss and discount are yet another crucial topics of an arithmetic section of quantitative aptitude.

Profit and loss practice ebook quantitative aptitude. This, we believe shall be useful in preparing and gearing up for taking the exams. Profit and loss based problems and equations, formulas. Cost price of 20 article is equal to the selling price of 18 article, then profit % profit difference sp 100 218100 1009 11 19%. Profit and loss quantitative aptitude tutorial with easy tricks, tips, short cuts explaining the concepts. Top 10 important profit and loss problems short tricks ibps guide. This completes this list of profit and loss formulas, shortcuts and tricks. Shortcut tricks on profit and loss are one of the most important topics in exams. Nick sold a machine to sonia at a profit of 30% and sonia sold it to varun at 20% loss. Profit and loss aptitude test, questions, shortcuts, solved example. Profit and loss is the branch of basic mathematics which. In this paper i try to give some of the effective tricks to solve. When each of the two things is sold at the same price,and a profit of p% is made on the first and a loss of l% is made on the second,then the percentage gain or loss is.

You the table of contents given below to go through these articles. It is always good to have an expert advise to make your plan. Top 10 important shortcuts on profit and loss problems, candidates those. Aptitude shortcuts and mind tricks for profit and loss. Aptitude on profit and loss for bank jobs, government jobs, private jobs.

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