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New jersey drivers under 21 required to affix red sticker. Measuring the effect of the nj decal provision on gdl. Vinyl bumper decals which are not permanent theyre removable. Product title student driver magnet bumper stickers for a new driver car sign by flexible magnets 12 x pack of 3 average rating. If so, place this car magnet on all sides of your vehicle to caution other drivers to be careful when they are near your vehicle. A new study shows that new jerseys law requiring novice drivers to display a red decal on their license plates has prevented more than 1,600 crashes and helped police officers enforce regulations. Measuring the effect of the nj decal provision on gdl compliance february, 2018 in 2010, new jersey implemented a graduated driver licensing gdl provision requiring young novice drivers to display a decal on their vehicle indicating their license status kyleighs law, p. Teens and their parent or guardian need to visit the local motor vehicle commission office and bring required identification documents and proof of enrollment in a driver training course.

New jersey requires decals for young drivers sfgate. Completion of a drivers education course with a certified driving. The measure was named for samantha josephson, a new jersey. Customize this decal by editing the design in our online sticker designer. Brand new drivers are always overly concerned with cars behind them when they first start practicing and the thought of other cars beeping is enough to rattle any new driver. Birth certificates are required on the first day of class for segment i.

Pass a knowledge written test or present a submit blue high school test waiver if you passed the test at school. What do you need to get your new jersey learners permit in. At student driver car magnets, we specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of highquality, highly. Each stage of the gdl program comes with specific driving restrictions. These decals must be smaller than four to five inches and cant obstruct the drivers view. Parking decal payments are processed through paypal. Promote your company name using our letter and number kits which come in an assortment of colors and fonts. Teens age 17 may apply for an examination permit without proof of. Works very well, but starts to droop in long periods of extreme heat or if glass accumulates dust. On one occasion, while driving with a student age 15 behind the wheel, someone in a rather large pick up truck decided that their life was much mo. If youre a new driver younger than 21 years old, you are required to complete the new jersey mvc gdl program. New jerseys decal law was spurred by the driving death of a 16yearold honor student in morris county, kyleigh dalessio, who was killed in 2006 riding in a car driven by a teenager with a. Ensure drivers are aware of student or novice drivers using these student driver safety signs, available in a variety of formats.

Applying for a teen driver s license in new jersey. Study finds new jersey license plate decal reduces teen. Known as kyleighs law named after kyleigh dalessio, a 16yearold new jersey girl killed in a 2006 car accident that also ended the life of the teen driver and injured two others the decal. Drivers under 21 subject to new jerseys graduated driver license gdl requirements. Other kinds of vehicles motorcycle, boat, etc low speed vehicles. Stick a selfadhesive vinyl label in the car window, place a flexible magnetic sign on the rear of the car or put a corrugated plastic sign with magnetic mounts on top of the car. A decal indicating that the vehicles driver is subject to the states graduated driving law restrictions. Nj teen driver resource guide pdf teendriversource. This graphic can be applied to any smooth surface such as metal, plastic, and glass. In addition to the decal requirement, effective may 1, 2010, new jersey gdl drivers will also be subject to the following restrictions. Display a reflectorized decal on each license plate frontback no driving after 11. That depends on where you live and what youre using the decals for. Student driver magnets three sign combo best value quantity 3, 12x3 large student driver sticker 24x6 keeping drivers safe since 2001. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Should i put a student driver sticker on my car for safety. If youre looking to add a unique look to your car or truck, autozone has all the decals and graphics you need. The vehicle is properly insured by a new jersey licensed company. New jersey motor vehicle commission government unit p.

Choose from 500 different sets of exam nj drivers state flashcards on quizlet. At age 16, teens may apply for a special learners permit in the state of new jersey. Common reasons for a registration sticker not being received in new jersey. Eliminate the chance of your reflective student driver sign causing damage to your finish or blowing off by taking it off every few days. All permit or probationary formerly provisional drivers under age 21 must display a reflectorized decal on each license plate frontback of any motor vehicle they operate p. The dda removable student driver vinyl decal you asked for them, and now everyone loves our student driver decals. To get a student learners permit, youll need to visit your local motor vehicle commission mvc agency and. Study shows new jerseys decal for young drivers reduced. Custom stickers specially made for a car that handles student drivers and to give caution to other drivers.

You must be accompanied in the front seat by an adult supervising driver who is at least 21 years of age and who possesses a valid new jersey driver license and has a minimum of three years driving experience. Place it right side up to alert others youre riding with a. Ive had a bad experience with badges that identify a car as one being driven by a student driver. The dimensions are 3 x 11 for each and they are made of a clear plastic adhesive with white lettering which is highly visible to other drivers from the rear. New jerseys gdl program is among the strictest in the nation, and the state also has one of the lowest teen driver crash fatality rates. Teen drivers in new jersey, drivers over 18 can earn a basic license after a oneyear probationary period in good standing. New jersey, in a fit of impotent pointlessness, has made it mandatory for probationary drivers under 21 years of age to affix a removable red sticker to their cars license plate. Dont forget decal for nj graduated drivers license gdl. Freehold state officials announced today how they will implement a new law requiring new.

All magnetic student driver signs can damage your car if left on for an extended period of time. Supporters of new jerseys decals believe that teens will be more inclined to moderate their behavior on the roads, knowing that they are flagged as inexperienced drivers. New jersey thinks so and has become the first state to enact a law requiring drivers under 21 to affix a red sticker to both their front and rear license plates. For example, a car tag sticker may be lost if you have not informed the new jersey motor vehicle commission of a change to your. Tom goodwin, a republican state senator who authored one of the bills attempting to repeal kyleighs law, calls the law a case of good intentions, but unintended consequences. Over time condensation and road grime gathers behind your student driver magnet.

A dmv registration sticker is required in the state of new jersey. The gdl program is broken down into the following steps and restrictions. New jersey law requires red tag for drivers under age 21. Advocates of the law say it saves lives by allowing police to catch teens breaking laws by driving too late or with too many passengers. Learn exam nj drivers state with free interactive flashcards. Get this caution student driver bumper sticker here at u. Place this student driver sticker on a car to enhance safety on the road. Thank you for visiting our website dedicated to magnetic student driver signs, decals and stickers. It lets fellow drivers know that the driver is new to driving, which can help reduce road rage and accidents.

Personally, i liken the stickers to drivers ed cars, with student driver broadcast on all sides of the car. Decal proponents say the program helped the state realize. Student driver car magnet buy a pair and save money. A student driver sticker is ideal for driving schools and parents. In 2010 new jersey implemented a graduated driver licensing gdl provision requiring young novice drivers to display a decal on their vehicle indicating their license status kyleighs law, p. Preferred this a cling removable to a permanent sticker. Nj gdl decals and vehicle identifiers research cirp. The operation and parking of all motor vehicles on the university of holy cross campus are contingent upon displaying a proper parking permit and adherence to the regulations as set forth. Mail the certified application with affixed seal or stamp of the u. All gdl drivers learners permit, examination permit, probationary license must display a red reflectorized decal on the upper left corner of each license plate front and back.

To apply for free registration, call 609 2926500 extension 5076 for an application. Better than a decal or bumper sticker reusable reflective magnetic large bold visible text 12 student driver reflective 3pcs 12x3. We even include a student driver magnet or new driver window decal for them. This is a inside, removable, clear rear window sticker. Ever since may 1, 2010, new jersey has required all drivers under 21 with a permit or probationary license to display a decal on a car they drive, even if they have been driving for more than six 6 months. For instance, new jersey drivers under age 21 can be pulled over for driving between the hours of 11 p. Many states completely ban decals on the front windshield or restrict them to the lower drivers side corner of the windshield. If your nj license plate sticker is not received, then it is important to know that a lost registration can be due to a number of factors. This is perfect to use on a shared vehicle experienced driver and student driver. The minimum age for drivers is 16, and the application requirements vary based on when you first choose to start the process. John oboylethe starledger a vehicle with a red decal attached at a press conference announcing the specifics of kyleighs law.

May not use a handheld or handsfree interactive, wireless communication device. What are the restrictions on a nj student learners permit. Probationary drivers under the age of 21 will be required to affix a red decal on their license plates. Firsttime drivers need to get a learners permit in new jersey before they are allowed to operate a vehicle on state roads.

Defensive driving academy student driver decal, bumper. Student driver cut vinyl decal this longlasting cut vinyl decal is a perfect nondamaging option for a semipermanent vehicle graphic. Commuter student parking fees undergraduate and graduate. However, so long as you have proof of your registration within your vehicle, you are legally allowed to operate the vehicle while you are obtaining your duplicate registration decals. The decals are required under kyleighs law, named in memory of a 16yearold central new jersey high school student killed in a car driven by another teen in 2006. Nj uber, lyft drivers must now show signs, carry detailed id cards. Nj law orders uber, lyft drivers to show signs, carry id cards. While other countries have similar decal laws, new jersey is the only state demanding young drivers identify themselves this way. From the childrens hospital of philadelphia chop a webbased program to help parents supervise their teens driving practice. If youre a teenager or young adult applying for your first driver s license, youll need to satisfy the requirements of the new jersey motor vehicle commission mvc graduated driver licensing gdl program the phases of the gdl program will help you gain driving experience and practice the skills necessary to pass your dmv road test and.

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