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I compiled a list of free online tongan language lea faka. Ethnically tongan but grew up in america and am trying to learn the language. Knowledge of tongan will make your stay much easier as tongan is the language commonly spoken in the streets. Beginner tongan is a simple and direct tongan language learning app meant as an introduction to beginners and enthusiasts. Tens of millions of people are using the bible app to make gods word a part of their daily lives. Take a quiz to get a quick assessment of your skill and to achieve the highest score. Tongan language course, audio cd, learn, speak, instruction. The tongan language guidelines is a welcome addition to the suite of language guidelines supporting the learning languages area of the new zealand curriculum.

Learn to speak tongan language exchange via email, text chat and voice chat. Librivox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain, and then we release the audio files. This course is perfect for beginners and anyone interested in learning the tongan language. If we leave a place and take our selfishness with us, the cycle of. Online version of freelangs tonganenglish dictionary and englishtongan dictionary. Learning tongan language will come handy while travelling to this tourist destination. Learn 40 languages with the largest language learning ios app maker in the world. This course is designed to teach you the basics both before and during your visit to tonga. Thank you in tongan, translation, englishtongan dictionary. Master 101 of the most frequently used dutch vocabulary words. Once youre done with the samoan video lesson, you might want to check the rest of our samoan lessons here.

Download free evangelism resources, mp3s, audio bible study tools, languagedialect information. Site that includes two audio albums to terms and phrases, as well as a text glossary. If you require professional language services in tongan, tomedes offers a complete set of solutions to meet the needs of its worldwide clientele. Starting course for palangi english speakers who want to learn the language of the kingdom of tonga. I am of tongan descent and unfortunately have not been able to fully complete my study until this book was received. Download our resource and learn tongan words, phrases, and pronunciation, and explore aspects of tongan culture. Tonga history, language and culture world travel guide. Check out the new look and enjoy easier access to your favorite features. The use of the word lazy when refering to writers of the tongan language is pejorative and unnecessary. Write or speak tongan online to improve grammar or conversation. Another of the polynesian languages, it has about 100,000 speakers. Most speakers live in tonga, the language has speakers. Learn tongan lesson 2 we do not have an audio file for lesson 1 learn tongan language course.

The audio cds are a necessity for anyone wanting to learn. Keep your new year resolutions by enrolling in a tongan language course. Native tongan linguists work around the world 247 to. Tongan language audio training course ebook by language. They appear as the three major columns in the tables below. I compiled a list of free online tongan language lea faka tonga resources xpost from r tonga original post im half tongan and ive been trying to learn tongan for about a year and a half i grew up mostly apart from my tongan family and never got to learn, so i decided to compile a list of some of the better resources ive found in that. Take a master test for much more indepth assessment of your skill and to. He then became an instructor at the missionary training center for an additional 1.

Tongan is a polynesian language spoken by approximately 100,000 people living in the tongan archipelago in the south pacific. Tongan language audio training course on apple books. Easy to understand with a good breakdown of structure in individual lessons. Tonga comes alive for children through video, information and a free download of facts about this island country. Learn some basic tongan words with your fanau children with these recommended childrens books from our collection. Translate your sentences and websites from tongan into english. Tonga history, language and culture history of tonga. Watching videos and hearing audio files is very important in improving your samoan. Play a story game for guided learning, more indepth practice and challenge.

Kids and students tongan phrases learning game free online tongan game with. Play a master game for guided learning, to challenge yourself and to achieve the highest score before time runs out. I have been speaking the tongan language for 16 years now. Samoan language courses, audio cd, learn, speak, instruction, lessons, dictionary, phrasebook. Hoping i can utilize the discs anyway to learn my husbands native language. Both tongan and english are taught in schools across the kingdom and on the major islands of tongatapu and vavau, virtually everyone speaks english as a second language. Tongan phrases game digital dialects language games. A language exchange complements other forms of learning such as classroom, cultural immersion and multimedia, because you get to practice all that you have learned with native speakers in a safe and supportive environment. Translation tonganenglishtongan freelang online dictionary. Im half tongan and ive been trying to learn tongan for about a year and a. Oxford university press, 1959 tongan language 836 pages. Includes two fulllength pdf books aimed at students and teachers ko e. Tongan greetings tongan language week resource made by students from room 31 to help others learn some basic tongan for tongan language week.

Tongan is the first language of tongans and, along with english, is one of the two national languages of tonga. The man who wrote this book is by far one of the most fluent tongan language speakers of nontongan nor pacific islander descent. Online game to learn common phrases in tongan language from the digital dialects tongan language learning website. Josh studied and taught in the tongan language for 2 years as a lds missionary. All words learnt are tested repeatedly thereafter, on a basis of decreasing regularity, if answered correctly. Included with each topic is a phrase list or wordlist with english translations and audio buttons with spoken native tongan for learning pronunciation. Play a practice game for guided learning, no time limit.

Includes 14 audio cds and the intensive course in tongan textbook. I am always thinking of how i can engage my young learners not only to ignite in them a love of learning. The first step in learning a language is learning how to address your self and others. Tongan is spoken in the tonga islands, a kingdom in the south pacific ocean just west of the international date line. I am always thinking of how i can engage my young learners not only to ignite in them a love of learning for our language but also give them an authentic learning experience. Thank you librivox volunteers for your effort to make the audio books available for everyone to consume. Objective to make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet. Welcome to the tongan language audio training course. Samoan language course, audio cd, learn, speak, instruction. The ruling family of tonga, the last remaining polynesian kingdom, can be traced back more than years, but human habitation of the islands is. Tongan language faka tonga months of the year study and. The following basic tongan lessons will help you get a head start in learning the language and using colloquial phrases that will help you survive during your home stay experience and in your first weeks in tonga. With numerous supplementary materials, grammatical notes, and glossary english and tonga nyasa edition eric b.

Tongan language week resource uike katoangai o e lea fakatonga. I first learned the language as a mormon missionary in. Learn tongan language faka tonga mal masteranylanguage. Based on the a word a day concept, this app provides up to 12 words a day of your choosing. Wilsons and horton, 1897 english language 386 pages. Learn tongan online write or speak in tongan language.

Allophones of a single phoneme in tongan or are separate. I compiled a list of free online tongan language lea faka tonga resources xpost from rtonga original post im half tongan and ive been trying to learn tongan for about a year and a half i grew up. Download the free app and access your bookmarks, notes, and reading plans from anywhere. Audio lessons and lesson notes are downloadable and ready for your smart phone. An introduction to the tongan language tuinukuafe, edgar on. Learn tongan online by practicing with a native speaker who is learning your language. An introduction for children multicultural kid blogs. Absolutely encourage all those willing and interested in learning the tongan language to take part in this book. Because of its status, a kahoa veevee heilala appears on the covers of ko e fakahinohino ki he lea fakatonga. Ko e tohitapu katoa tmb download the free bible app.

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