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This permits operation of propeller and engine at the most efficient rpm and power. This guide is not faa approved, and is for reference only. Mccauley application guide precision propeller service. The motion of the piston is transmitted to the blades through actuating pins and links, moving the blades toward either high pitch for constant speed systems or low pitch. This general purpose browser plugin allows you to view pdf files. Accordingly, this ac is intended to provide supplementary guidance on propeller maintenance and service methods when such guidance is lacking from the. Mccauley constant speed propeller take flight san diego.

The items are as they come from the closed airplane stores we acquire. We answer all questions and will provide many detailed photos, simply email us. However, ive since learned thats not necessarily the case. Jan 25, 2016 constantspeed propellers are variable pitch propellers that automatically change pitch so that they maintain a constant rotational speed. The constant speed propeller has no feathering or reversing. Mccauley propellers for reciprocating engines are of two types. The rotational speed of the flyweight assembly varies directly with engine speed and controls. Why constant speed and fullfeathering props have reverse engine oil flow and piston position. A feathering mccauley propeller compared to a mccauley constant speed propeller. Download free mccauley propeller maintenance manual pdf as the other of reading, you can locate here.

Constantspeed propeller systems 1 constantspeed propeller systems. Where to download mccauley propeller maintenance manual mccauley propeller maintenance manual as recognized, adventure as without difficulty as experience virtually lesson, amusement, as well as concurrence can be gotten by just checking out. Texas air salvage stocks used serviceable fixed pitch and constant speed aircraft propellers, and propeller parts for both certified and experimental aircraft. Mccauley propeller systems owneroperator information manual welcome 1. The early mccauley designs incorporated a threaded blade that was screwed into the hub. Mccauley full feathering constant speed propeller governing system for counterweighted pressuretodecrease pitch propellers on. The mccauley propeller is a three blade model using an aluminum alloy hub. Mccauley full feathering constant speed propeller governing.

The most important designator in a mccauley constant speed aircraft propeller model will be the two or three digits following the c at the end of the model number. A constantspeed rpm system permits the pilot to select the propeller and engine speed for any situation and. Props mccauley and hartzell constant speed quizlet. The blackmac carbon series propeller is the product of research with proven innovations like the singlepiece, oilfilled hub and carbon loop blade retention system. This first constant will be followed by a two digit number value between 31 and 37 which reflects a particular mccauley design. The following pages show mccauleys mandatory speci. If any question exists regarding these procedures, contact mccauley product support at 18006217767.

Too little, and you are forced to run the engine faster to achieve cruise speed. A version of the centrifugal latch mechanism used to prevent a feathering propeller from feathering when the engine is shut down on the gorund. Come fly with me as i demonstrate the use of a constant speed prop in different flight phases with my piper arrow. Improper overhaul and repair of mccauley constant speed.

The propeller was then removed and sent to a prop shop to be inspected. The basic design philosophy for a constant speed propeller is, for any. For the purposes of this manual, all mccauley fixed pitch metal propellers are the same model series. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

This kit provides instructions to replace the existing propeller with a mccauley model 2a34c20390dca2 threadless constant speed propeller. Mpc26ow aluminum propeller owneroperator information manual. Mccauley metlmatic constant speed propeller 2a36c18 90m. Place cockpit propeller rpm lever in high rpm takeoff position. Mccauley metlmatic constant speed propeller 2a36c18 90m service manual. Mpc26 propeller owneroperator information manual eaa. Each must be inspected, measured, andor replaced as necessary to meet the manufacturers overhaul guidelines.

In constant speed systems, the pitch is increased with oil pressure. Avotek also offers this mccauley propeller in a cutaway version that has been carefully crafted to show the internal parts and workings. The mccauley model 2a34c20390dca2 propeller, installed in accordance with the instructions in this service kit, does not require operational limitation placarding. I understand fullfeathering could make coarse pitch if oil pressure is lost but how about constant speed.

The angle of the air approaching a blade is a combination of the airplanes forward speed and the propeller s rotational speed. In other words, any variablepitch prop works best at just one airspeed, the airspeed for which the twist of each individual propeller blade was initially designed. If pitch is too great, it creates drag and robs you of takeoff power. If the prop is turning too slowly, the blade angle is decreased to take smaller bites, producing less torque and allowing propeller rpm to speed up. Adjusting propeller pitch allows for better efficiency more engine power converted into thrust in a variety of flight attitudes climb, cruise, etc on the c172rg, the range is 12. As the blade angle is increased, it produces more lift thrust. From the propeller maps for both the common two and three blade mccauley propellers. Once the engine is windmilling, the ignition and fuel for the engine is turned on. Mccauley has been manufacturing high quality propellers for over 70 years. There are a lot of individual components that make up the hub of a constantspeed propeller and they have very close tolerances. Oct 31, 2017 whether one uses a groundadjustable prop, or a fancy constant speed prop, it seems to me that one still needs to select a design speed for their aircraft. Back to your question, i wouldnt overhaul strictly on a calendar basis, but for a constant speed prop it isnt a bad idea to get it resealed every 510 years. Each type is provided in either a twoblade or threeblade con. Mccauley propeller systems application guide mag revision 3.

Constantspeed propellers are able to partly rotate along their longest axis to take a greater or lesser bite of the air depending on the planes speed. Improper propeller maximum rpm in flight constant speed piston. Constant speed propellers overhauled by sensenich propeller services, inc. Refer to the appropriate type certificate data sheet tcds or supplemental type certificate stc to verify information contained in this guide.

Unfollow mccauley propellers to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. This item is used equipment and we are selling this item without warranty or return. Constant speed vs fullfeathering propellers ask a flight. Mpc28ow 1l100 propeller owneroperator information manual. On this website the pdf format is used for product literature, whitepapers, and press releases. A constant speed rpm system permits the pilot to select the propeller and engine speed for any situation and automatically maintain that rpm under varying conditions of aircraft attitude and engine power. The opposite is true when the blade angle is decreased. Most likely your trainer is not equipped with a constant speed propeller, but one with fixed pitch. By constant speed, do you mean that the propeller operates at the same rpm all of the time. The most important designator in a mccauley constant speed propeller model will be the two or three digits following the c at the end of the model number.

Always consult the aircraft type certificate data sheet or owneroperators handbook before modification to governor or installation general calibration procedures following installation of mccauley constant speed governors. The manual on this cd provides you with information that is important for the continued airworthiness. The mccauley twobladed, constant speed propeller is used on cessna, beechcraft and may other light singleengine aircraft. The airplane forward speed is constant along the blade, but the rotational speed increases from the blade root to the blade tip the tip has to travel farther for each rotation. We mean a constant rpm system that permits the pilot to select the propeller and engine speed he wants for any situation, and then automatically maintain that. Dependingonits position, the pilot valve will direct oil flow to the propeller, allow to flow back from the propeller,orassumeaneutralpositionwithno oil flow. I did have a shop refuse to sign off an annual on our 182 unless i had the prop overhauled, it was barely 15 years old, with only 400 hours on it. Diagnosing propeller leaks cessna owner organization.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of mt propellers sales and service of products made by other manufacturers. The ideal efficiency curve for the constant speed prop can be shifted through the prop design, with the peak efficiency in the plot potentially designed for a takeoff condition, cruise, etc. Following installation of mccauley constant speed governors a. Approval faa approval has been obtained on technical data in this publication that affects product type design. Our inventory of used aircraft props and used prop parts consist of used hartzell propellers, used sensenich propellers, used mccauley propellers, hubs, backing plates, cones, spinners. Mccauley prop overhaul manual fixed pitch coleman powermate pm1500 aircraft propeller sales, hartzell, sensenich, denoptix service manual propeller care. Chapter iv feathering systems pilot supplies and aircraft.

Constant speed propellers work by varying the pitch of the propeller blades. At the same time, more torque is required to spin the prop, and the engine slows down. The speed sensing governor continually adjusts the oil pressure to keep the propeller at the commanded rpm at constant speed. Dec 19, 2017 constant speed propellers work by varying the pitch of the propeller blades. Service bulletin 7ae replaces service bulletin 7ad dated april 9, 2008. Overhauls of constantspeed propellers are much closer in nature to engine overhauls. Also note in the bottom plot how thrust varies with advance ratio it shows speed on the horizontal axis, but it is really advance ratio.

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