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Send corresponding uncompressed pdf files via email to chris fermuller using ncl exercises as subject line. Firstorder modal logic, neighborhood semantics, general frames. It is written from the semantical point of view rather than the more usual proof theoretic approach, and the book covers all basic material including the propositional languages, the semantics and correspondence results, and proof systems and completeness resultsas well as some topics not usually covered in a modal logic course, such as bisimulation. We need russells scoping mechanism, and just such a device was introduced into modal logic in 10, 11. This is a great place to get a clear introduction to firstorder modal logic. Based on firstorder modal logic by fitting and mendelsohn. Fitting and mendelsohn present a thorough treatment of firstorder modal logic. Complexity of modal logic introduction ps pdf author. The set of first order formulas and free variable occurrences are as follows. Firstorder modal logic introduction ps pdf authors. Buehler based on firstorder modal logic by fitting and mendelsohn january 5, 2015. Introduction into the general theory of modal logics. It is philosophically motivated by the epistemic reading of modal operators and, in particular, three desiderata in.

This is the socalled first order or secondary interpretation of propositional quantifiers. Computational modal logic introduction ps pdf authors. The format also allows the formulation of a weakening rule w that. Firstorder justification logic with constant domain semantics. Firstorder classical modal logic carnegie mellon university. This combination results in higher order modal logic, the subject. What it amounts to is separating the notion of formula and predicate. Firstorder modal logic1 kohei kishida 1draft of november 14, 2010. The book covers such issues as quantification, equality including a treatment of freges morning starevening star puzzle, the notion of existence, nonrigid constants and function symbols, predicate abstraction, the distinction between nonexistence and nondesignation, and definite descriptions, borrowing from both fregean and. As fitting and mendelsohn remarked in 22 page 4 the lack of a. Firstorder modal logic synthese library softcover reprint of the original 1st ed.

Ian horrocks, ullrich hustadt, ulrike sattler, renate schmidt. This is a thorough treatment of firstorder modal logic. Fitting and mendelsohn present a thorough treatment of firstorder modal logic, together with some propositional background. It elegantly straddles the line between philosophy and mathematics, without getting bogged down in the details of either as much of the rest of the modal logic literature seems to.

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